Live well, drink well, love life...

YOU CAN make a difference…

  • Help end plastic pollution caused by plastic bottled water
  • Improve health in local communities, schools and colleges
  • Provide fresh, readily available, easily accessible  drinking water to your community


  • Water refill stations and drinking fountains help reduce toxic plastic bottled waste 
  • Encourage your community to drink more water and less sugary flavored drinks
  • Encourage the community to refill, reuse, recycle and refresh with a water refill station

Live Well and promote the Drink Tap message


Lady and dog using aquafil water refill station - live well                                         Lady drinking from aquafil water refill station - Live Well

How OTHERS have made a difference…

Our science teacher takes samples around the School for her students to observe bacteria on the petri dish. She took samples from the old bubblers, which revealed 5 beautifully coloured bacteria growing after some days incubating. This was compared to the samples from the new aquafil filtered water bubbler….ZERO reading on the Petri dish!”

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  • Indoor & Outdoor units
  • Filtered or non-filtered
  • Chilled
  • Hands free
  • Vandal resistant
  • Wheelchair accessibility
  • Multiple bottle fillers
  • Drinking fountains
  • Dog bowls
  • Green ticker

In the Manly community alone, 18 aquafil units now dispense 90,000 litres of water per month. This equates to a substantial saving for the community and its environment by eliminating the need for 150,000 plastic bottles at a cost of $375,000 based on a 600ml bottle costing $2.50

  • Promote a Sustainable and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Reduce WASTE
  • Conserve our precious RESOURCES

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