aquafilUS Pulse Senior Water Bottle Refill Station

aquafilUS Senior Hydration Station
aquafilUS Pulse unit

The aquafilUS Senior Pulse Water Bottle Refill Station is a 55 inch compact unit that has a stainless steel bulk refill dispenser for bottle refilling on each side of the unit. It has changeable panels for full color graphics that can be used to:

  • Help in the education of environmental sustainability awareness
  • Display corporate branding and advertising
  • Promote events
  • Display artwork, or
  • Educate people of the local community’s history

The aquafilUS Pulse is ideal for use in:

  • Indoor locations
  • Educational institutions
  • Schools
  • Public amenities
  • Shopping centers
  • Sporting stadiums

For more information please download the product brochure or contact us today.

The aquafil range of  water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains  are ideal for ALL public areas including parks, schools, universities, colleges, beaches, sporting facilities, golf courses, stadiums and shopping centers.  Water refill stations are a practical product that combat the extravagant waste of resources generated by bottled water and offer a refreshing healthier alternative to sugary drinks.

Product Brochure

Product Description

The aquafilUS Pulse Senior Water Bottle Refill Station has a number of features including:

  • Multiple bottle refill points – stainless steel/anti-bacterial bulk refill dispensers on each side of the unit
  • Full color graphics for environmental sustainability education awareness/corporate branding/events promotion etc
  • Removable panel for easy filter changing
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Vandal Resistant
  • Marine grade anodised aluminium unit housing
  • Anti-graffiti protection on graphics
  • Wheelchair accessible filling point
  • Internal drainage for indoor installation
  • Optional filtered water unit


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